Handling malicious Internet route leaks – check list

Barry Green at senki.org writes about the recent instability issues on the Internet that might have been caused by a surge of new Internet routes. Worth noting is the sample check list he presents for handling the eventuality of someone injecting malicious routes into the Internet that may impact the stability of your connection.  

  • Write down the inbound and outbound routing policy in plain English so that anyone in the company can understand. Inbound and Outbound Internet Route Policy examples.
  • Have you documented your router’s configuration?
  • Do you really need the “full Internet Routing Table?
  • Get the empirical data from your router vendor – how many routes will the “chips” hold.
  • Know your Peers.
  • Sign up to the “BGP Reports.
  • Sign up to the appropriate Network Operations Group (NOG).

Read the full article here – http://www.senki.org/internet-end-500k-routes/

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