HashiCorp announces general availability of Vault Enterprise

HashiCorp, a company that specializes in tools that help developers write and deploy their apps, announced that it has raised $24 million in new funding. HashiCorp, an open-source software company based in California, also offers products that help organizations manage security challenges.

Aside from the funding, HashiCorp announced new features for its open-source tools Nomad and the general availability of Vault Enterprise. Nomad is an application scheduler that allows operators to gather resources from thousands of machines and provide them to developers who can easily deploy, update, and scale their applications. Version 0.5 introduces new features such as secure cluster communication, native Vault integration, and sticky volumes.

As for Vault Enterprise, it provides a graphical interface to update and manage an organization’s connectivity and infrastructure “secrets,” a global health-status dashboard, and an intuitive workflow for initialization and unsealing Vault clusters. It also features new functionality in the areas of collaboration, validation, and automation to help organizations scale and manage global Vault clusters.

Future with funding

The new funding will be used to hire and grow its engineering, support, marketing, and sales teams, to allow HashiCorp to continue with its mission of solving challenging problems in infrastructure and application delivery.

“HashiCorp is focused on the entire application delivery spectrum with a focus on development, operations, and security,” HashiCorp.’s co-founder and CTO Armon Dagar said in an interview. “Our immediate focus continues to be the 7 tentpole projects we have, and the corresponding Enterprise applications we are building to solve the workflow challenges around the open source tools. We distilled the application delivery process to the necessary and sufficient steps and built our tools to solve those problems. We will continue to focus on those problem areas and add new features to the open source and enterprise products.”

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