Hidden Windows NT Administrative Shares C$ D$

The system automatically creates hidden “administrative shares” for its
logical drives C:, D:, and so forth which it names C$, D$ and so forth. It also
creates the admin$ hidden share for to the \winnt folder. These shares are
designed for remote access support by domain administrators. By default, if you
delete these admin shares, they will be recreated when you reboot. To disable
permanently so they will not be recreated on the next reboot, use the following
Windows NT registry hack:

Key: SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanManServer\Parameters
AutoShareServer for servers
AutoShareWks for workstations
Value: 0

For background: Q156365.

Perhaps the best approach to protect hard drive resources on workstations is
to disable the server service if you can. There are a few workstation
applications that need server service running, in particular, some SNA emulation

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