Honeyota – if Winnie was a car thief.

Minneapolis has this so-called “bait-car” program. Simply put, the police use nice rides as decoys to lure in car thieves. Concepts like this are certainly not new, but hey, it’s something I just read in the “news” and my first thought was that it’s analogous to honeypots, in some regards. The article opens up with the mention of a Toyota Camry being used as a decoy.

Those of you who are aware of my habit of concocting portmanteaux shouldn’t be surprised at the title of this blog entry, which I’ve so guiltlessly dubbed, “Honeyota.” Hehe. I’m anxious to hear about any other similar concepts you folks have used to lure in attackers, even if just for the purpose of siphoning useful information that may aid in thwarting potential future attacks on crucial systems.

Cheers, y’all.

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