HostingCon 2007: Are you going?

HostingCon is world’s largest event Hosted industry – a venue where hosted industry professionals empower themselves in the related technology. HostingCon is a must attend event, If you are in the Hosted Exchange, SaaS (software as a service), web hosting and any related hosting services industry. Of course, it’s a great place for networking with industry professionals, subject matter expert & business partners too. You can see world’s leading Hosted Exchange players are in the booth for trade show and renowned industry experts are speaking during the conference at various hosting related topics. They are discussing about related technologies, Hosted Exchange, Microsoft new HMC platforms, business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs in the Hosted Exchange and tips on marketing this services. Here is the registration link for the event.


Do you want to know who all are exhibiting at the event? Visit here. For those of you are interested to know more about Microsoft’s HMC platforms, you may step in to Microsoft’s booth#309. During this event, we hope to have an exiting announcements & offerings from Microsoft about their products and solutions for its customers and partners – btw, Microsoft is a Platinum Sponsor for this HostingCon along with FastServers.Net & cPanel. As we observed, 2007 is yet another great year for Microsoft with launch of Silverlight* & enhancement in Microsoft Expression Studio*. Watch out for demos on these products as well as Internet Information Server 7.0 (IIS7.0), SQL 2005 & Windows 2008

For those who would like to become resellers in Exchange Hosting, lookout for the Hosted Exchange Server Partners who offers Private Label Exchange hosting. They usually offer free, instant signup and setup; also let you resell hosted Exchange solution. As a reseller you will sell this solution 100% under your own brand – no upfront investment needed in most of the cases, but verify with them. Reseller’s customers will be able to administer its own account on a site with reseller’s domain, HTML header and footer. Get more details from them about Private Label Exchange hosting, few of such Microsoft partners you can see in the event are,, & GroupSpark. There will be many more…

Hope you will have a great time during HostingCon2007.

-Shaji Firoz

*Microsoft Silverlight is a Web browser plug-in for playing media files and displaying interactive Web applications.
*Microsoft Expression Studio is a suite of design and media applications targeted at developers and designers

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