How to Benefit from MS Office 365 and Maintain Control of Your Data

Questions include:

  • What if your organization has already moved to Office 365 but now has concerns about where the data resides and who can access it?
  • What are some of the common data regulations, issues and concerns that global organizations face today and what are the best practices and available solutions?

Join Microsoft MVP Michel De Rooij and Vaultive’s Doug Lane for two expert perspectives as they discuss the complicating factors of leveraging MS Office 365 in conjunction with evolving regulations. They’ll also explain how Microsoft handles data locally in MS Office 365 and how a third-party tool like Vaultive can ensure your organization remains compliant.

You’ll discover:

  • What are the most commonly encountered EU and US data security and privacy regulations?
  • What are some limitations of MS Office 365 in helping organizations ensure data residency and privacy compliance?
  • How can you meet data security and privacy requirements with a third party solution?

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