How Do I Edit the Domain Controllers Computer Set?

Many people have wondered how to edit the pre-defined Domain Controllers computer set. I have to admit that I’ve never seen this computer set in any of my ISA firewall deployments and don’t know what the scenario is for when it’s created. Nevertheless, many other people have seen this Computer Set and want to know how to edit it.

Sbmoore from the message boards has come up with a solution. Check this out:

I called Microsoft Support to resolve this issue. It maybe too late for you but here’s the fix.

PROBLEM: Cannot add domain controllers in the ’Domain Controllers’ Computer set.

CAUSE: Bug with ISA.

Modified the following registry value.

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fpc\Storage\Array-Root\Arrays\{GUID}\RuleElements\ComputerSets and found the GUID for the “Domain Controllers” computer set.
Changed the msFPCPredefined from TRUE to FALSE.

You can now edit the "Domain Computers" computer set.

If you look at other pre-defined Computer Sets you will notice the same key exists.


You can find the thread to this post at: 



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