How to Educate Employees on Cyber Security

ZoneFox’s blogger Kelly Greene highlights ways how everyone in your organisation can play their part in protecting your business from external and insider threats. The approach is based on the following 7 tips that relates to educating employees on Cyber Security.

  1. Education, education, education
  2. Robust Information Security Policy
  3. Strong Password Policy
  4. Educate Little and Often
  5. Work closely with Other Departments
  6. Provide Feedback
  7. Create a Culture of ‘Your Personal Responsibility’

Kelly talks about the importance of making people care about cyber security by creating a sense of ownership, and the challenge is to create a culture of confidentiality where all employees feel it’s their responsibility to protect sensitive information. I couldn’t agree more, the minute every employee becomes the owner of an asset (could be data, product or any other resource) their attitude towards that asset change drastically, and the asset becomes personal. However, for this to succeed the push has to come from senior management.  

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