How to get a list of Blobs created in Microsoft Azure

Azure PowerShell cmdlets version 1.0 offers an easiest way to get all blob pages you have uploaded/created in Microsoft Azure. To get a list of blob pages, run below command from a computer where Azure PowerShell cmdlets version 1.0 is installed:

  •  Get-AzureRmStorageAccount | Get-AzureStorageContainer | Get-AzureStorageBlob

 In case you need to export output to a CSV file, add “Export-CSV” PowerShell cmdlet as shown in the below command:

  •  Get-AzureRmStorageAccount | Get-AzureStorageContainer | Get-AzureStorageBlob | Export-CSV AzureBlobs.CSV

Note: You must install Azure PowerShell cmdlets Version 1.0 before you use above cmdlet.

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Nirmal Sharma is a MCSEx3, MCITP and Microsoft MVP in Directory Services. He specializes in directory services, Microsoft Azure, Failover clusters, Hyper-V, and System Center products and has been involved with Microsoft Technologies since 1994. In his spare time, he likes to help others and share some of his knowledge by writing tips and articles on various sites and contributing to Health Packs for ADHealthProf.ITDynamicPacks.Net solutions. Nirmal can be reached at [email protected]

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