How Microsoft IT Secures Mobile Devices

As a MS security admin, you know that probably your biggest challenge today is securing mobile devices. There’s the versions of Windows Mobile, the Blackberry, the iPod, and the other phones that are waiting to connect to your network.

Some of these devices are built with security in mind and support multiple methods that can be used to secure the configuration of the device, secure the data on the device, and secure the connections that the device makes to your corporate network. Other devices aren’t so focused on security and are more focused on “cool”. But regardless of the device, you can be sure that your users are going to ask you to “hook them up”.

In the past you could have told them “no”. But this is getting to be less of an option as these devices are becoming increasingly pervasive. The boss sets the tone. He’s got the cool new Windows Mobile 6 Samsung i760, then a VP comes in with an iPod, and then another senior exec wants the Blackberry to work. Then there’s the mobile sales force, the various network and application admins who don’t want to have to carry a laptop around everywhere.

So how do you do it? Why not learn from the best? Microsoft is well known for giving its users relative free reign over the network, so it’s no surprise that they go out of their way to allow users network access using mobile devices. Join this webcast and find out how Microsoft IT is enabling their mobile workforce via the deployment of the Windows Mobile platform. Microsoft IT fully integrates Windows Mobile features and applications, with both established hardware and infrastructure, and future plans support  master security policy migrations, such as complete two-factor authentication operations.

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