How Microsoft Secures It’s Cloud Infrastructure

image Cloud computing is the latest and greatest buzz word. Many say it’s not a matter of if you’re going to go into the cloud, it’s when and how much. Never mind that much of what you do is already in the cloud.

The main problem most of us have with the idea of putting anything in the cloud is that the cloud is sort of a “white box” 🙂

How does the cloud provider secure the environment?

What about physical security?

What about network security?

What about data security?

What about disaster recovery?

Most admins are very unwilling to put any valuable assets into a black box cloud infrastructure for good reason. There’s too much “faith” required to enable that level of trust.

However, if a vendor is willing to share the details of how they secure their cloud infrastructure, it’s worth given them a list.

In this paper, Microsoft shares how it secures its cloud.

Check it out at:



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