How to run a command remotely on computers

You can use PSExec.exe from Microsoft to run a command remotely. PSExec.exe is part of PSTools from Microsoft which can be downloaded from here:

This tip shows how you can run a command remotely without using PSExec.exe.

Let’s say you want to run GPUpdate.exe command on a remote computer to refresh the GPO settings, use the below command:

  • WMIC /node:ComputerName process call create “cmd.exe /c GPUpdate.exe”

The above command creates a process on the remote computer to execute “cmd.exe /c GPUpdate.exe” command line.

You can utilize above command to run any command remotely. You just need to replace ComputerName and “cmd.exe /c GPUpdate.exe” with a choice of your command!

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6 thoughts on “How to run a command remotely on computers”

  1. Then you simply specify the full path :

    WMIC /node:ComputerName process call create “cmd.exe /c c:\path-to-your-exe\GPUpdate.exe”

  2. I tried to open Firefox on a remote server using the following code but I receive a ReturnValue = 9. Firefox never launches.

    WMIC.exe /node:ComputerName process call create “cmd.exe/C C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”

  3. It works but it puts the application in the background and I can’t see the window… (just the process in the task manager) (it’s a computer where I’m logged in remotely)

    how can I put the window in front of everything?.. I’m trying with notepad

  4. You help is greatly appreciated,

    I am executing Test.bat file on remote server Server_2 from Server_1. Here’s portion of WMIC command on Server_1 – “cmd.exe /c \\Server_2\testDir\Test.bat”.

    Test.bat has exit %errorlevel%

    How can I capture %errorlevel% on Server_1? I would like to exit calling script on Server_1 with %errorlevel% returned from remote server Server_2.

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