How to Solve the PST Problem You Didn’t Know You Had

Users often create PST files in their Microsoft Outlook client to get around things like storage quotas and retention policies that apply to mailboxes on the server. They can easily move or copy email from their main mailbox to a PST file on their desktop and keep as much email as they want, as long as they want. While utilizing PST files can seem like a great idea to users, PSTs pose concerns for messaging administrators because they can cause serious administration and compliance challenges for the organization.

PST files increase the possibility of data loss, enable violation of email retention policies and make effective e-discovery nearly impossible—putting the organization at risk of losing business-critical data and compliance failures that can result in fines and other penalties.

Attend this webcast to learn how to identify the risk PST files presents for your organization and how to simplify the process of moving them to a suitable location within your on-premises Exchange or to Office 365 environment.

Why attend this webcast?

  • Understand the top five challenges IT organizations face with PST files
  • Learn to identify your own organizations’ risk around PST usage
  • Discover how Dell Software can help you identify, filter and migrate PSTs
  • Hear best practices for effectively managing your Exchange environment

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