How to avoid messaging performance issues and data loss in hybrid Cloud?

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cloud perf resized 600By the end of 2016, a majority of enterprise mailboxes will be Cloud-based, however organizations are not ready to go all-in the Cloud.
On top of that, business workers are increasingly distributed and mobile, working from more locations and using more platforms than ever before. To stay productive, they need full-featured access to email and collaboration tools wherever they go.
As an IT administrator, people rely on your capability to deliver Microsoft Hybrid services and keep them running optimally to maximize their productivity.

Availability is very important to manage, however Quality of Service (QoS) is the main focus to end-user satisfaction when using IT resources and even more when a portion of the business applications is going to be hosted in the Cloud.

  • But how would you rate the QoS delivered by your collaborative applications?
  • How do you streamline mailbox backup when migrating?
  • How do you measure the level of performance delivered to your end-users?
  • How do you assess the rate of your Customer Satisfaction?

GSX and CodeTwo will host an informational webinar to explain how the pairing of the 2 companies can ensure optimal service quality of on-premise and hybrid-cloud messaging and collaboration platforms.

Learn how to streamline mailbox backup with automatic and centralized backups, reduce MTTR to ensure optimal performance for business lines, and meet SLA’s, ensuring strong governance for Exchange platforms.

Demonstrations will detail how Hybrid Cloud changed the role of IT admins, explain the imperative nature of backup, recovery, and monitoring, to provide tools to give more comprehensive control of critical information.

Mail performance solutions, including GSX Monitor & Analyzer, offers the most integrated, multi-platform, plug-and-play functionalities that give full access and integration of mail servers and multi-location accounts that require no coding and provide multi-server monitoring from one interface. GSX Solutions is able to predict trends on your infrastructure (servers, mailboxes, databases) and make forecasts to optimize usage and any associated costs, maximizing workers’ productivity. Trusted by top clients like Capgemini, Bayer, Rolls-Royce, HSBC, and BNP Paribas, GSX Solutions is ready to use just 30 minutes after opening the box.

CodeTwo Backup solutions join the capability of incremental local backups with a unique data versioning mechanism and detailed backup preview down to the level of individual item versions and attachments. These features help the IT admin to ensure security of users’ mailbox data, and at the same time enable quick and easy reversal of distortions caused by human error or other factors.

A unified set of tools to manage messaging performance is key to providing you with better control of your critical information. This live webinar will showcase the powerful capabilities available from GSX Solutions and CodeTwo Software.

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