How to configure SSL Offloading in Exchange 2010 TechNet Wiki page

In part 3 of my Load Balancing Exchange 2010 Client Access Servers using an Hardware Load Balancer Solution (Part 1) multi-part article here on I,among other things, uncovered how you enable SSL offloading for the misc. protocols and client services in Exchange 2010.

Now since my articles (besides occasional updates) belongs to the category of relatively static content (albeit not a static as book content), I’ve created a dedicated Exchange Wiki page over on the TechNet Wiki that also contains the steps necessary in order to configure SSL offloading for the Exchange 2010 protocols and client access services in Exchange 2010. Since SSL offloading in Exchange 2010 is vital to most organizations using hardware load balancers, and because SSL offloading is a topic that still evolves, a TechNet Wiki page is a perfect companion to the original article. The cool thing about the Wiki page is that everybody can contribute!

You find the Wiki page here.

The Wiki page has now been reviewed and approved by the Exchange product group.


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