How to Design a Mission-Critical Microsoft Exchange 2007 Infrastructure

How to Design a Mission-Critical Microsoft Exchange 2007 Infrastructure from the Ground Up is a technical whitepaper sponsored by EMC that you can download freely (registration required).

Exchange 2007 is more than just a new e-mail system. Instead, it will be the platform for many organizations’ unified communication strategies for years to come, the backbone of their e-mail, voice, real-time communications and collaboration capabilities.
However, the move to Exchange can be risky if organizations do not follow best practices when planning the infrastructure that will support Exchange 2007. Organizations make take into account critical issues like performance, scalability, data backup and restore, disaster recovery and business continuity, archiving, legacy investments, energy consumption and a host of other issues. Decision makers must choose the right technologies and business partners in order to make the move to Exchange 2007 as inexpensive and as efficient as possible.
This white paper focuses on the specific practices and technologies that can make the move to Exchange 2007 successful, and discusses how EMC’s technologies and expertise can help organization to successfully move to Exchange 2007.

Executive Summary
    Learn from others or re-invent the wheel?
Deploying Exchange 2007?
    What should you consider?
        Performance and scalability
        Data backup and rapid restores
        Disaster recovery and business continuity
        Storage array-based
        Archiving for cost reduction
        Archiving for regulatory and legal compliance
Other Things to Consider
    Consider your legal investments
    You’ll need a variety of technologies and practices
    Take advantage of available expertise
    Reducing energy use is more important than ever
    Planning for the future
    View things holistically
About EMC
    EMC Technologies are a key component

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