How to effectively choose an email archiving solution

During GFI Software’s previous webinar about email archiving, “The Essentials of Effective Email Archiving” (you’ll find it here, in case you missed it), we covered some of the core reasons why businesses need email archiving, and the things to be considered when choosing a solution.

Among other reasons, one of the key highlighted aspects was the law enforcement. There are rules and regulations that govern email archiving, retention and eDiscovery, globally, and failure to comply, will lead to serious legal issues such as penalties, fines or even legal suits. Some of FINRA’s famous cases were ING affiliates fined with $1.2 Million for email retention and Scottrade with $2.6 Million for Significant Failures in Required Electronic Records and Email Retention.

In our upcoming advanced session, we’ll provide you with a deep dive into the features and functions that deliver the business value of robust email archiving. Using GFI Archiver as an example, you’ll discover:

  • How simple it is to import files from different tools
  • How much your workload shrinks when you don’t depend on PST files
  • The easiest way to connect mail servers and streamline archiving

Register now for the webinar

EMEA: 2020. March 18. 11:00AM CET – register here

US: 2020. March 18. 11:00AM PST – register here

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