How to Get Pure Text into your Security Commands

With the introduction of Windows Server 2008, there is a lot more work that has to be done at the command line. While I consider this to be an unfortunate situation in general, I can whine all I want but I don’t think things are going to change, so we’re all going to have to get used to it. One of the side effects of command line management is having to enter long strings of command line options and the typos that ensure.

Perhaps even more challenging than typos is just trying to remember the long strings with all the switches and values. I’m sure you’ve seen it at many demos — the TechNet presenter has a collection of text files on his desktop that he uses to copy and paste the command line argument. These guys use the product everyday in their demos and even they can’t remember all the PowerShell and other commands.

Well, there’s nothing I can do to help you with your memory, and there’s nothing I can do to help your fingers not make typos, but there is something that I can do to help you copying and pasting text into files that you’ll use to help with your 169 character PowerShell command. That tool is called PureText 2.0.

You can use PureText to copy just the text from a Web page or document that contains that long command line string into a text file and it removes the formatting that might make the command not work. In addition, it adds a keyboard shortcut (WINDOWS+V) to paste the pure text into your text file. This is really helpful when you need to copy that interminable string of PowerShell characters from the Exchange Server Help file into a text file.

While not strictly a security tool, it will help you with your command line management of security settings. It should be especially helpful when managing a Server Core installation.

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