How to Protect E-mail Confidentiality in Regulated Industries

How to Protect E-mail Confidentiality in Regulated Industries is a security guidance designed for anyone who is responsible for providing e-mail services in a midsize business. The solution in this paper enables different users in a midsize business environment to communicate with each other securely.

This paper will:

  • Define the issues faced by regulated industries
  • Introduce the concepts of e-mail confidentiality
  • Discuss approaches to e-mail confidentiality in regulated industries
  • Discuss the need for digital signatures and message encryption in regulated industries
  • Develop a working definition of e-mail confidentiality
  • Highlight specific examples of e-mail confidentiality breaches

In addition, this paper discusses the benefits of implementing e-mail confidentiality (non-repudiation, confidential e-mail, and security); prerequisites for implementation (PKI, Exchange Server 2003, Office Outlook 2003, service packs, and patches); and ongoing operational conditions (service packs, security patch management, and monitoring).

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