How to purchase Forefront TMG now

Last September, many users of Forefront TMG were unhappy to learn that Microsoft was officially discontinuing the product and would no longer be selling it after December 2012. That’s still the official line, but there is still a way to buy it – although the solution may not be exactly what you were hoping for. Still, if you need to purchase TMG now, check out this article about the “OEM license loophole.”

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1 thought on “How to purchase Forefront TMG now”

  1. Hey, here is an idea M$…….if you are not going to sell the product anymore, let people have it for free.

    Microsoft killed the whole product line — no replacement. So why not stick it out there?

    Oh yea, they are not getting any $$$ and the product would not give them any positioning against competitors they are attempting to drive out of the market space.

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