How To Sell Your MSP Services Without “Selling”

If you’ve ever bought a car, you’ve faced it…

A slimy salesman determined to give you the “hard sell”… “muscle” you into buying right then and now.
Forget what’s in your best interests.  He or she is only after your hard-earned cash.
It’s enough to turn you off to selling entirely.

However, what happens when you flip the tables?

You’re now the salesperson who must communicate why your IT consulting services are necessary… and valuable to prospects.

Truth is, selling has gotten a deservedly bad name. However, it’s not always unethical or distasteful.

Sometimes it’s downright necessary. What’s more, it can be not just ethical…. but downright effective and enjoyable for everyone involved at the same time.

How so?

You see, when done right, selling is merely connecting the right prospect with the right product or service best suited for him or her.

For example, a real-estate agent who searches out the home perfect for your lifestyle, family, and budget rather than pushing whatever house needs to be moved at the moment.

Your job is to uncover what the prospect needs and wants and see how you can provide it to him or her.

He or she may not know what he or she really needs or “get” the value in what you offer.  So, you’re job is to illustrate this to him or her.

When you put it like this, selling makes sense, right?

Put another way, imagine if the slimy salesperson was 100% focused on your self-interests rather than his.  He or she would ask you about needs, wants, and uncover your desires that are rumbling through your subconscious.  Then, show you what meets those needs and explain why this is the case.

When it comes to selling your IT services, your customers may barely know how to send email via AOL.  So you can begin to see why becoming a good salesperson or “sales guide” is so important.

You’ve got to explain WHY your services make them money, save the money, and are a drop in the bucket compared to the ROI they receive.

There’s an old saying, “Timid salesman have skinny kids.”  In other words, don’t be hesitant to sell when you’re doing so in the client’s best interests.  If you’ve got a quality product and service, then it’s your duty to clearly communicate in a way non-tech savvy clients can relate to why this is so.

You work hard and deserve to make a fair living.  Selling with your client’s interests in mind is necessary.

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