How to Configure Internal NetMeeting Clients to Call External Netmeeting Clients

For internal Netmeeting clients to be able to call external clients, they must place a call based on the Internet protocol (IP) address or the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the external client. For this call to be successful, you must configure IP rules in Gatekeeper to distinguish between internal and external IP addresses.

By default, Gatekeeper is configured to assume that all IP networks are internal.

 Step 1

  • Click to expand H.323 Gatekeeper .

  • Click to expand Server Name .

  • Click to expand Call Routing
  • Right click on Destinations and select Add Destination
  • Click Next

  • Select the type of destination you are calling.
  • To call external clients select Gateway or Proxy server use their FQDN or external IP Address. (Clients internal IP will have to use NAT to the external IP if behind a Proxy Server, and TCP port 1720 will have to be opened.)
  • Click Next.

  • Enter the IP address or FQDN.

  • Click Next
  • Enter a description if required.

  • Click Next

  • Click Finish

    Step 2

  • Right click on IP address rules and select Add routing rule.

  • Select your destination.
  • Click Next

  • Enter your preferred order.
  • Click Next

  • Click Finish

    Step 3

      In the Netmeeting client, when you place a call based on the IP address, Gatekeeper now forwards that call to the Internet. If you use a FQDN, the call takes slightly longer to connect because of DNS resolution of the FQDN.

  • Start Netmeeting.

  • Enter the internal IP address of the external pc, make sure its set to automatic and click call. If you have followed the tutorial correctly then your call should be successful.



  • Netmeeting clients are not required to use Gatekeeper if they do not want to be reached by other internal users through the directory. However, if clients that are external to ISA Server want to contact internal Netmeeting clients, the internal Netmeeting clients must register with ISA Server as the gatekeeper by using a phone number (do not enter spaces or hyphens). To use ISA Server to authenticate outbound calls if the user is not logged on to the domain, and if the firewall client is not installed on the client, set this rule to use client sets that include the client’s IP address; you can also configure this rule to Any Request , so that it applies to all requests.

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Thursday, 4th July 2002

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