How to create a packet filter for dropping ICMP Packets (Ping Requests)

Select the Internet Security and Acceleration Server Snap-In and expand the tree by left clicking.

Select Access Policy and left click to expand the tree. Select IP Packet Filters, the existing filters should now be displayed in the right portion of the MMC screen. Right click on IP Packet Filters and select NEW > Filter…

The wizard screen will open, type in a name for the rule, something descriptive so that you will know what the filter is supposed to do, then press next.

The wizard will now show a screen that will ask you which server(s) this rule should be applied too. If the ISA is a stand alone you can either choose the all option or specify the local server, and then click next.

The next wizard page will ask you to decide whether to block or allow packet transmission, make your choice and then press next. (Choose Block to not allow packet transmission.)

The next page will ask you to specify what the filter is to do, for this example we will choose the ICMP Ping Query, and press next.

This next page will ask you for the IP information for the ISA server or other computer in the ISA array that this rule is to be applied. Make the choice for your particular situation and press next.

This screen allows you to select which computer(s) you will apply this rule too. Since we are dropping ICMP Ping Requests select the All Remote computers and press next.

The final screen shows the information of the packet filter you have created, you can now cancel or click finish to apply the new rule to your array or server. This procedure can be used to create various packet filters for your ISA Server or Array.

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