How To Create a Protocol Definition.


1. Right Click My Computer and select Manage, Select ISA Server, then Select Policy Elements, then select Protocol Definitions. Choose a name for the new Protocol Definition and press next.

2. Assign the initial Port that will be opened for the new Definition and what type of protocol will use it TCP or UDP, and whether it is inbound or outbound. Then click next.

3. Choose secondary connections needed for the new Definition. This is where you can put in a range of ports, choose new and select the port range you need open.

4. Enter the ports needed to be open for the particular application. (1025-65532, who needs a firewall J) and select either inbound or outbound and click OK.

5. Here you click finish and your new definition is ready for prime time, all you need to do now is go back and create a filter for this definition and add it into your rules. Hopefully this will work; it was a bit flaky under Beta and RC1.

Author: Ellis M. George
Systems Engineer
Trak 5, Inc
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Ellis M. George is a systems engineer with Trak 5, Inc, a consulting firm
located in Raleigh NC specializing in financial software. He holds current
MCSE, MCP+I certifications. Current project is to develop a practical how to
manual for the ISA Server and Windows 2000 OS Server/Professional.

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