How to create an Alert for Intrusion Detection

Right click on my computer and select manage, then go to Services and Applications. Then expand the tree.

Select Internet Security and Acceleration Server and expand the tree.

Select Monitoring and Configuration and expand the tree.

Select Alerts.

Go to the right hand frame and select Intrusion Detected.

Then double click on Intrusion Detected or right click on it and select properties. This will bring up the filter properties. Make sure the enabled checkbox has been selected.

Select the Event tab. Then you can set the parameters for the alert, in this case this is for any intrusion attempt, port scan etc. In the Beta and RC1 of ISA there were separate filters for Port Scans etc, they are now all inclusive on this filter.

After setting parameters you will need to set it up to Alert YOU! Click on the Actions Tab and fill in the fields. This way ISA can alert you via email to any attempted intrusion.

Finally, click apply and the alert is ready! Good Luck and Good Hunting!

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