How to Publish TSAC Sites on an Alternate Port


How to Publish Terminal Services Advanced Client

(Terminal Services Web Access) on an Alternate Port Number

By Steve Moffat

For more information about Windows Terminal Services, please visit

Following on from my last article on how to publish Terminal Server to a port other than the standard of 3389, here is a small tutorial on how to change the listening port for TS Web Access.

If the TS Web Access is on a Win2K box then first of all you will need to get your hands on the very latest version of the TSWeb Software, either by downloading from Microsoft, or “borrowing” it from an XP (or .Net) install.

Step 1 – Installation

  • To install TSWeb on XP you will need to go to Add or Remove Programs – Add/remove Windows components – IIS – www service – details – remote desktop web connection.
  • It will install in the %systemroot%/web/tsweb folder.
  • To install on a Win2K box, just copy the whole folder from XP and overwrite your TSWeb folder.

  • Step 2 – Configuration

  • Change the Visual Basic code in the ASP page that makes the connection.
  • Go to %system root%\Web\TSWeb.
  • Locate the file called connect.asp and edit with notepad or application of your choice.
  • Look for a series of entries starting with MsTsc.AdvancedSettings2.
  • Add the following line right after these entries.
  • MsTsc.AdvancedSettings2.RDPPort =
  • Enter your preferred port no.

  • Test by appending the port no. to your published URL, i.e.

    You can download the XP TSWeb (Zipped Folder) from

    Steve Moffat

    Monday, July 1st, 2002


    For more information about Windows Terminal Services, please visit

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