How To Configure Cluster Disks In Server Core?

Server Core is a command line Operating System. Clustering between Server Cores is not an easy task. You need to use command line tools to configure the cluster disks on the Server Core. This article contains sample steps you can use on a Server Core to attach cluster disks:

I'm assuming you have a iSCSI SAN running in your environment.

Steps: Perform the following steps on the Server Core

Configure iSCSI service to start automatically:

  • SC config msiSCSI start= auto

start the iSCSI Service:

  • net start msiSCSI

Run the following command to add the iSCSI Target:

  • iSCSICli QAddTargetPortal

List the targets available using the following commands:

  • iSCSICli ListTargets

Login to the targets using the following commands:

  • iSCSICli QloginTarget

 Note: You need to perform the above steps on each node.


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