How to open one folder from another mailbox using Outlook Web Access in Exchange 2007?

When you are logged into your mailbox using Outlook Web Access you can open another mailbox by clicking on your own name in the upper right corner of the window, followed by entering the name of the mailbox in the window Open Other Mailbox. But if you only have the permission to open for example the calendar of that other mailbox, opening the entire mailbox will fail. It is possible to open just one folder, by typing a URL directly into a Web browser or by embedding the URL in a Web application in the following format: https:///owa//?cmd=contents. You can specify any of the following folder names: Inbox, Calendar,Contacts,Tasks, and Publicfolders. In order to open the calendar folder of a shared mailbox called Company Holiday, I would enter the following URL:[email protected]/?cmd=contents&f=Calendar For more information about this, please refer to the following Technet Article: How to Use Outlook Web Access Web Parts

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