How to play CD audio through digital speakers

You just purchased that niffty set of digital speakers, USB speakers, thus they
are not connected to a sound card. OK, I give up. How do you get CD audio sound
through them? To play CD sound through USB speakers:

  1. the CD-ROM drive must support digital playback
  2. you need to enable digital CD audio
If your system fulfills these
requirements, here’s how:

  • Open the Device Manager
  • Expand DVD/CD-ROM Drives branch
  • Right-click CD-ROM drive and choose Properties
  • Click the Properties tab
  • On the Properties page, select the option Enable Digital
    CD Audio For This CD-ROM Device

  • Adjust the volume
  • Close the Properties sheet

If the CD-ROM drive doesn’t support digital CD audio, you’ll have to connect
the drive to a sound card to play audio CDs.

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