HP Announces breaking up the company

HP has announced that they will be breaking up their own company with one company handling the enterprise technology and the other side handling the consumer side. This is an interesting move, but HP has been struggling for years to really get the business going in the proper direction. Most are conjecturing that one company will take off over the other, but not every one agrees on which company will profit, enterprise or consumer.

With all the banter about cloud and how consumer technology is going away, or at least changing, pretty much everyone I know still has at least one laptop. However, the margins HP makes in selling large storage arrays and other such enterprise size gear could be what saves them, if they’re able to compete with every other vendor out there who seems to be lapping them at every pass. Perhaps this forking will make it easier to concentrate on what needs to be done on the enterprise side to swing the ship back in the right direction.

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