HP Launches Converged Infrastructure Training Program for Building the Data Center of the Future

HP today introduced the first Converged Infrastructure training and certification program to span the entire enterprise landscape — from networking, storage, servers and software to printing and personal computing.

Through HP ExpertONE, IT professionals can learn proven methodologies to rapidly transform their proprietary environments into open, agile networks and data centers based on HP Converged Infrastructure. At the same time, they gain the skills needed to architect, implement and manage technology across the enterprise, preparing them for the next level in their careers.

Also introduced at Interop NY, new HP Open Standards Network Planning and Migration services enable clients to easily migrate from a single-vendor paradigm to a multivendor network infrastructure. A next-generation network delivers application services in minutes versus days and can reduce total costs up to 66 percent.(1)

“Organizations are transitioning from multiple technology silos that are closed, complex and costly to Converged Infrastructure environments that are open, efficient and easy to manage,” said Susan Underhill, vice president, Global Certification and Learning, HP. “HP ExpertONE supports the network and data center of the future by developing a workforce with comprehensive technology skills combined with business acumen.”

HP ExpertONE

HP ExpertONE is the first program that trains professionals in the design, deployment and operation of open, standards-based networks and Converged Infrastructure. Skills gained enable IT professionals to enhance business agility, reduce maintenance requirements and lower costs of IT environments.

This model includes mixed vendor environments so companies can deploy the best technologies for their particular needs. As a result, businesses can focus fewer resources on maintenance activities and invest more on innovations that drive growth.

In addition, HP ExpertONE Fast Track programs give clients credit for existing certifications built around a single networking vendor. This enables IT professionals to expanding their expertise while they speed their learning cycle to build open networks and data center environments. HP ExpertONE courses can be taken online, as self-study or in person in more than 150 recognized independent learning centers and academic institutions worldwide.

For reseller partners, ExpertONE enables technical and sales professionals to gain competencies in as little as one day for Converged Infrastructure. This will help them drive increased revenue-generation opportunities.

“Companies can no longer afford to operate their IT environments in silos – and not just cost impact but also in performance which is we’re seeing this huge trend towards technology convergence in the data center,” said David Foote, chief executive officer and chief research officer, Foote Research Group. “There’s been a void in ‘converged skills’ training programs: too many certifications programs are still focused on specific servers, storage or networking technologies.

“HP’s ExpertONE program is attempting to fill this void by offering comprehensive cross-domain training that spans every part of the converged enterprise data center, from architecture to maintenance,” continued Foote. “From a skills acquisition perspective, this is where most IT organizations are heading. And they desperately need help to get there.”

HP Network Certification

HP ExpertONE Network Certifications offer IT professionals the opportunity to gain the expertise required to build and operate the next-generation networks that are central to data centers of the future. They offer unique multivendor strategies that enable IT professionals to build and maintain a standards-based networking architecture. Networking certifications can be fast-tracked based on the IT professional’s existing credentials, reducing training time by up to 77 percent.(2)

Master ASE Converged Infrastructure Architect Certification

The new ExpertONE Master Accredited Systems Engineer (M/ASE) Converged Infrastructure Architect training and certification delivers the advanced skills needed to architect and manage a Converged Infrastructure. Combining business processes, including return-on-investment analysis, with technology components in a single program ensures the M/ASE fully understands the technology and business value of a converged infrastructure.

Open Standards Network Planning and Migration Services

New HP Open Standards Network Planning and Migration Services, offered by HP Technology Services, enable businesses to plan, validate and speed the migration process from proprietary network technology silos to an open network infrastructure. These consulting services are backed by more than 40 years of multivendor networking expertise, proven project methodologies and certified project management that help clients protect investments and use technology to achieve business objectives.

HP Users “Connect”

HP ExpertONE certified professionals will be offered free membership to Connect, a worldwide online community of IT professionals using HP enterprise products and services. Learn more about HP ExpertONE and Connect during a live roundtable webcast “HP & Connect Present: Winning, Certified and Social” to be held Oct. 21 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. Register to attend the live webcast here. A replay will be available at the same link for 60 days.

In addition to the new HP ExpertONE program, the company plans to showcase HP Converged Infrastructure and cloud solutions at Interop NY booth 405.

More information about HP ExpertONE is available at http://www.hp.com/go/expertone.

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