HPE, Intel partner on new SCM technology solution

HPE recently announced a partnership with Intel to bring storage class memory (SCM) technology to its enterprise storage platforms, including HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage. This new technology should improve the user experience for enterprise customers, especially when it comes to performance, capacity, and cost. Here’s what you should know about the updates and about what SCM technology can provide for enterprise users.

Storage class memory

SCM is a relatively new tier within the memory and storage hierarchy that falls roughly between DRAM and NAND flash when it comes to performance, capacity, and cost. Basically, all of the new applications that are leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence, and real-time analytics have brought about the need for a storage solution that goes beyond what’s available in today’s flash arrays. So SCM technology allows users to access a new persistent storage tier that is able to address those performance requirements that have become especially stringent with today’s new enterprise workloads and digital transformations.

HPE storage solution

To respond to this growing need for a new high-performance storage solution, HPE is coupling SCM with proven enterprise storage platforms, including HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage. Users can also upgrade their existing arrays using an Intel Optane solid-state disk-based caching tier. This provides the necessary performance to run even the most demanding workloads while also enabling denser consolidation of workloads.

HPE and Intel worked closely together on this project to create a storage solution that is fully optimized and fit for enterprise use on HPE Memory-Driven Flash. The two companies have been collaborating on SCM projects since 2016 and are continually working to upgrade the solutions available to enterprise customers. This latest update represents a major innovation in the SCM space and the partnership between HPE and Intel, but they continue to work on new solutions and upgrades as well.

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