New generation HPE Nimble Storage All-Flash Arrays introduced

Hewlett Packard Enterprise just unveiled a new generation of its HPE Nimble Storage platform. The new HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays are meant to give customers a financial advantage by delivering up to three times the price performance and protect customer investments over the long term by allowing them to take advantage of Storage Class Memory (SCM) and NVMe.

This new offering also includes the HPE Store More Guarantee, a pre-sales only guarantee that’s now available on all models of HPE Nimble Storage All-Flash arrays. Here’s more about the guarantee and the Nimble Storage platform.

HPE Store More guarantee


The idea behind this guarantee from HPE is that it offers customers peace of mind about their storage. It assures that they’ll be able to store more data per raw terabyte of storage than they would be able to using another vendor’s all-flash array. And if HPE is for some reason not able to meet the storage efficiency of a competitor in this space, it will accommodate the incremental storage for free.

NVMe and Storage Class Memory ready arrays

The new HPE Nimble Storage arrays are also designed to support NVMe and SCM and to address the needs of analytics and intelligence applications that require instant results. These arrays are future-proofed so that customers can take advantage of the emerging technologies available to them without having to undergo major forklift upgrades. More specifically, HPE storage customers across both the HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage portfolios will now have access to architectures built for the future, meaning they can enjoy value and investment protection that actually lasts.

Next generation HPE Nimble Storage platform

The HPE Nimble Storage All-Flash arrays deliver the same guaranteed availability as previous offerings but with improved value with up to 220 percent better price-performance. And the HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash arrays are meant to be adaptive by merging hybrid and secondary flash technology together into one array. This option offers 150 percent better price performance than what you could get with previous arrays.

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