HTTP Redirects Fail When Exchange Edge Role Installed on TMG Firewall

Oh no! Check this out:

“If you deploy Microsoft Threat Management Gateway 2010 (TMG) and the Exchange 2010 Edge role on the same machine, you may encounter an issue where HTTP Redirect in TMG fails.

If you monitor the TMG packets when attempting to connect to, TMG will report a “Denied Connection” with the following status:

The policy rules do not allow the user request.

In the Event Log you may also see an Event ID 14148 Warning with the following text:

The Web Proxy filter failed to bind its socket to 172.x.x.x port 80. This may have been caused by another service that is already using the same port or by a network adapter that is not functional. To resolve this issue, restart the Microsoft Firewall service”

Find out how to fix this problem over at:



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