Hyperconverged Startups Teaming Up with the Classics

A few weeks ago there were major rumors of HP buying SimpliVity, a startup focusing on hyperconvergence in the data center. Just a few days ago it was also announced that Nutanix will be partnering with Dell. This doesn’t mean Dell will be acquiring Nutanix, just that they will probably bring a little more money to Nutanix while getting an inside-track on one of the largest hyperconverged solution startups out there.

Arguably, these are two of the largest companies in the hyperconvergence space, except for VCE (which is already a mash up of the giants VMware, EMC, and Cisco). So what does this mean for the hyperconvergence space? Well, it definitely shows that scale out and hyperconvergence is a valid play in the datacenter. Whether we see the same amount of startup agility and thinking outside the box will remain to be seen. I’m excited to see how this all plays out, though, and even more excited to see scale-out solutions as an ordinary thing in the datacenter.

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