I am and will always be the “other” Scott Lowe

Many of you reading this post probably know that there are two Scott Lowe’s out there.  For sanity’s sake, I will refer to myself as Scott Lowe and to the Scott Lowe that owns the excellent blog.scottlowe.org as “Scott Lowe Prime.”

I’m often asked similar questions about the Scotts Lowe, so I thought I’d put together a short post that outlines how I became “otherscottlowe” as opposed to something else.

First of all, from a pure virtualization perspective, Scott Lowe Prime runs circles around me, and probably always will.  Frankly, the guy is scary smart when it comes to virtualization and workload abstraction technologies.  For me, I have a huge interest in virtualization and work with it a lot, so I write about it on the side.  However, I also write about a whole lot of other things and write for a wide variety of technology outlets on topics ranging from virtualization to IT strategy to Microsoft Exchange and more.

Over the years, Scott Lowe Prime has amassed a huge following of virtualization experts as he’d shared his knowledge and wisdom with the world.  I’ve also amassed a following of people, but from across the IT industry as I tend to be more of a generalist in my writing and often write on leadership topics in addition to writing about virtualization.

I arrived a little late to the social media world and originally started out on Twitter as @scottdlowe since @scott_lowe was already taken by Scott Lowe Prime.  Over time, however, as I started to gain more followers, one of my friends told me that I should change my Twitter ID to @realscottlowe.  To me, that sounded a bit pretentious and I certainly don’t consider Scott Lowe Prime as an opponent, competitor or enemy.  In addition, I was often being referred to as “Oh, you’re the other Scott Lowe!”  After a little while, another colleague of mine suggested that I simply call myself otherscottlowe.  Since it was already something humorous to many people, I decided to run with it.

So, yes… I’m @otherscottlowe on Twitter.  Not @realscottlowe or something like that.  I have no desire to even hint that I think there’s any kind of rivalry.

And that’s that!

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