IBM Announces Partnership with VMware

IBM has announced that it will be partnering with Apple, VMware, and GitHub for it public cloud offering. This is actually a really interesting announcement given the current state of public cloud and how everyone is trying to get in on it. IBM has made several acquisitions in the cloud arena to compete with the likes of AWS, Azure, and Google who are some of the most notable cloud solutions.

VMware recently announced that they’re backing down on their public cloud offering. Though they aren’t shutting it down, it’s likely they realize they can’t compete with the bigger guys in this area and they really are only supporting VMware products anyway. So, now both the IBM salesforce and VMware salesforce will be selling IBM public cloud. In my opinion, it’s probably a great move for IBM as they get access into other demographics VMware currently concentrates on. It also gives VMware a well rounded portfolio. It wil be interesting to see how this affects other cloud solutions that VMware is more closely related to like EMC and VirtuStream.

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