IBM Cloud Pak connects users with security tools in any environment

IBM recently announced a new offering called Cloud Pak for Security. This product allows users to connect with any security tool, cloud or on-premises system, without the need to move data from its original source. The platform also includes open-source technology that can help users locate threats, automate responses to cyberattacks, and run their tools in any environment.

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is available now. Here’s a breakdown of some of the product’s top capabilities.

IBM Cloud Pak: Ability to run anywhere

IBM cloud Pak

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is designed to easily run in any environment, whether it’s on-premises, private cloud, or public cloud. The program is made up of containerized software that comes already integrated with the Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes platform. IBM has also partnered with several other companies through the OASIS Open Cybersecurity Alliance to promote interoperability.

Easy security insights

IBM Cloud Pak for Security has the ability to connect data sources directly, rather than transferring data. This allows users to more quickly and easily uncover hidden threats and help make informed decisions about certain risks. The program uses both open standards and IBM innovations, so customers can access IBM and third-party tools to search for various threats across cloud and on-premises environments, allowing them to keep their data where it is.

Automation for security incidents

IBM Cloud Pak for Security also offers a unified interface that connects various security workflows in order to help teams respond to security incidents quickly. Since security teams often have to deal with tons of threats on a daily basis, this tool gives users the ability to orchestrate and automate security responses so they can spend time only on the most important tasks. Users can orchestrate specific responses to hundreds of common security scenarios to provide guidance and quick access to security data and tools.

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