IBM Power Systems for Google Cloud now available

Google Cloud recently announced that it will offer IBM Power Systems as part of its cloud solutions. This means that users can now run IBM Power Systems as a service on Google Cloud. And you can do so using AIX, IBM i, or Linux on IBM Power.

IBM Power Systems can be beneficial for a variety of organizations, especially those that use a hybrid cloud strategy. Running it in the cloud can also be helpful for enterprise customers that need a way to run workloads from platforms like SAP and Oracle on IBM Power servers. Basically, this new option allows them to enjoy the best of both cloud and on-premises environments while also taking advantage of the economic advantages offered by Google Cloud.

If you’re interested in learning more about the option, here are some of the most noteworthy features and benefits to consider.

Integrated billing

Those who want to use IBM Power Systems on Google Cloud can deploy it directly through the Google Cloud Marketplace just like any other Google Cloud service. This means it just integrates right into your normal bill, instead of giving you an additional expense to keep track of.

Private API access

Google Cloud also offers private API access technology that allows users to access their resources on Google Cloud privately. This means that all the resources you use within IBM Power Systems can use private IP spaces of your choice. This helps you keep your resources secure and enables ultra-low latency between the IBM Power services you use and the Google Compute Engines virtual machines they use to run.

Integrated customer support

Instead of having to keep track of multiple points of contact for issues with Google Cloud and IBM Power Systems, this new offering allows you to go to Google Cloud with any questions or concerns. Since Google manages all aspects of customer support, you don’t need to determine which service is the root cause of problems before tracking down a customer support agent who can help.

Rapid deployment

To get IBM Power Systems on Google Cloud up and running, you can simply use the new management console available on Google Cloud. The solution is meant to provide an intuitive interface that allows you to deploy the platform quickly.

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