IBM Security adds new and enhanced services for hybrid cloud

As hybrid cloud grows in popularity, the complexities of managing it also grow — along with the security threats surrounding it. In 2020, cloud misconfigurations, typically caused because IT admins didn’t fully grasp the intricacies of balancing multiple clouds, were among the top triggers of data breaches. In response, IBM has rolled out new and enhanced services that can simplify hybrid cloud security.

IBM Security Services for Cloud manages the native security controls across clouds from several providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud. It provides what IBM calls “cloud-agnostic security expertise” by bringing together “an integrated set of cloud, proprietary, and third-party technology solutions.” IBM says the service is for organizations “in any stage of their cloud security journey,” so it will be useful to those who have been using cloud computing for a while or those just beginning their cloud migrations.

Vikram Chhabra, IBM Security Services’ global director, offering management and strategy, says, “Cloud security can appear daunting, with defenders facing an expansive attack surface, shared responsibility models, and rapidly evolving cloud platforms and tools.” Chhabra notes that too many organizations are still relying on “legacy approaches for security” that are not fully suitable for the Zero Trust principles needed in the hybrid cloud era.

The services can also help organizations struggling with all the new and varied compliance regulations, an especially tricky situation when using multiple clouds. IBM says IBM Security Services for Cloud can “implement a cloud security posture management solution to address governance and compliance across cloud service providers.”

The service also provides enhanced security for container environments and can analyze your DevSecOps processes and assess your application design and solution requirements. IBM says this will help you “build a roadmap for future deployments.”

If you’re interested in learning more about multicloud security, IBM is holding a free webinar on April 1 that may answer your questions.

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