IgniteTech adds IT management software to enterprise portfolio

Enterprise software maker IgniteTech has acquired 12 products from Avolin, a provider of IT management, e-commerce, and customer experience software and services. The acquisition brings the number of software solutions in IgniteTech’s portfolio to more than 60. IgniteTech’s portfolio includes software suites for various industries and uses, including information technology, financial services, human resources, e-commerce, and remote work collaboration.

Among the Avolin software products acquired by IgniteTech are:

  • SupportSoft, which helps MSPs and IT departments improve productivity by resolving IT issues faster.
  • Verdiem, a power-management solution that allows IT departments to remotely wake computers to deploy updates.
  • CoreTrac CRM, a customer relationship management software package aimed at financial services teams.
  • StreetSmart, which helps IT departments manage their company’s mobile workforce.

“IgniteTech is excited to continue the partnerships that the Avolin organization has built with its impressive customer base,” said IgniteTech CEO Eric Vaughan. “We are committed to ensuring continuity and innovation for the software solutions that our incoming customers have come to expect.”

IgniteTech and Avolin are separate business units of Austin-based ESW Capital. (Disclosure: TechGenix is an independent media unit of IgniteTech.)

Among IgniteTech’s most popular offerings is IgniteTech Unlimited. The company describes IgniteTech Unlimited as a “Netflix-style license model where every IgniteTech customer has full access to the entire IgniteTech enterprise solution portfolio — at no additional cost.” The Avolin products will be included in IgniteTech Unlimited and can be accessed by IgniteTech Unlimited subscribers.

IgniteTech also features a Cloud Cost Optimization service that helps customers of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform reduce cloud expenses by identifying cost-cutting opportunities.

IgniteTech’s portfolio experienced a record year of growth in 2021, adding more than 40 new products to its software library. With many of the new and existing products focused on remote work and workplace collaboration, IgniteTech says its customers leveraged the Unlimited program to deploy more than 100 software solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to lower their costs.

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