IIS Smooth Streaming Client 1.5 RTW

Microsoft released IIS Smooth Streaming Client that allows developers to build richer applications for the Silverlight and the Windows Phone 7 platforms.

“IIS Smooth Streaming Client allows you to build rich Smooth Streaming experiences for both on-demand and live IIS Smooth Streaming. This release of the IIS Smooth Streaming Client allows you to build Silverlight® players for on-demand and live Smooth Streaming, with full DVR, live ad insertion, multiple camera angles, trickplay, and other rich functionalities. This kit is intended to aid your development of rich Smooth Streaming players and experiences.

The IIS Smooth Streaming Client APIs provide an interface for developers and designers to easily create rich Smooth Streaming experiences using the Silverlight platform. These APIs provide support for simple operations such as Play, Pause, and Stop, and also for more complex operations such as scheduling advertisements, selecting and tracking bit rates for Smooth Streaming playback, and many more.”

For more information about the IIS Smooth Streaming Client and to download the msi package go here.

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