“I’ll have the pancakes, please.” I’ll need to see some I.D. first.

The last place I expected to see a security issue was IHOP. Sure enough, though, this very thing happened in Quincy, Massachusetts. Here’s the skinny. You walk into IHOP and ask to be seated, only to have a security guard ask to hold your I.D. What? This reminds me of the problem with drivers pulling out of gas stations without paying, which prompted the prepay idea. Logically, this would have been an obvious solution to try. Fortunately, this was the unauthorized move by a boneheaded employee, and not a corporate policy change. Customer, John Russo, replied, after being confronted by the security guard slash I.D. valet, “You want my license? I’m going for pancakes. I’m not buying the Hope diamond.” I heard a humorous joke about it, along the lines of needing a passport to order a Belgian waffle. Jokes aside, apart from being a ridiculous occurrence, the security implications of this situation are numerous.

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