I’m turning into a Blue Badge…

imageYes the title says it all. I have accepted a position as FTE (aka Blue Badge) at Microsoft. More specifically, I will be joining Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) here in Denmark beginning March 15th, 2012. My main working areas will be Office 365 (primarily Exchange Online) and Exchange on-premise solutions.

Some of you know, I’m been working as a vendor (aka v-dash) for Microsoft Corp. for some years now and since I love to combine the consultant role with internal Microsoft projects my plan is to hold on to the internal project stuff. I surely enjoyed working for Microsoft as a vendor, but I also think the years to come will be quite exciting as an FTE.

Hey Henrik does that mean you’re saying goodbye to the external Exchange community now?

Well, as you can’t both be an FTE and MVP at the same time, I’ll say goodbye to my Exchange MVP title (after 8 years as an MVP – thanks to Melissa Travers for spotting me back then!) and although some folks contribute to the communities primarily in order to hold on to or get the MVP title, I‘m really not one of them. I’ve always been hanging out in and contributing to the communities because of my passion for helping out fellow peers whether that be via books, TechNet documentation, Wiki’s, online articles, magazine columns, newsletters, forums, blog posts and speaking engagements. So although it’s been great to be part of this community (it really has!), I’m not crying tears now that I exit the gate of the MVP realm. It’s been fun but it’s time for me to move on and you can’t have it all right?

Oh and to answer the question, no I’ll not say screw the external community from now on. Not at all! I’ll still be writing articles/newsletters/blog posts for MSExchange.org and do the Exchange Queue & A column for TechNet Magazine. In addition, since I’m still responsible for the content on the public Exchange TechNet Wiki, you will also see me hang out there.

When it comes to contacting me, you will still be able to reach me via:

  • henrik AT msexchange.org
  • henrik AT exchange-faq.dk
  • henwal AT microsoft.com (my current vendor address minus “v-“)

And of course via my social network profiles:

See you out there!

Until later,
Henrik Walther

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