IMF for Exchange Server 2003: Release cycle begins on Jan-17th

As Scott Roberts published on the WSUS Team Blog, Exchange 2003 IMF updates where paused for the month of December and will restart on the 17th of this month.

I think no one has the slightest doubt that IMF is a critical component in the war against spam, so this 1 month pause on the IMF updates only benefit the spammers.

Also according to Scott, there will be a new model in the way the updates are released:

Starting today, the WSUS administrator will notice that the IMF Filters now supersede each other instead of direct expiration of every update. A review of the process over the last couple of months allowed us to identify that the expiration release model just wasn’t working. The new model allows a better control of ensuring that an IMF update will always be available even if the release window for the new update is missed.

The new release model will be as follows:

  1. The new update (N) will supersede the previous update (N-1) when viewed by the WSUS administrator
  2. N-3 updates and older will be expired.

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