Implement a Secure Messaging System Migration

There are various challenges you can face when planning a migration, and it can be a struggle to ensure security and effectiveness while maintaining productivity and avoiding major issues. This Case Study is the story of how one of our Partners successfully conducted a migration for their customer, a major bank (with confidential financial information tightly integrated into its messaging system).

The Case Study reveals common challenges companies face when migrating a messaging system, and how GSX Partners can bring an added value to their customers with our solutions. Today’s blog post is going to explore these important points to ensure you have a better understanding on how to conduct a successful migration and avoid losing any data.

A central aspect of the decision-making process concerns High Availability. It’s important to have a tool in place to check server and mailbox replications to ensure the service is delivered without interruptions.Messaging systems have built-in tools, which provide you with partial monitoring to help you have a smooth migration, but it’s critical to have a third-party tool to closely monitor data replications and assure Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are being respected.

During a migration, both mail routing flows need to be monitored (the direction routing takes through the environment) to know about server up times and accessibility information. This helps Administrators know about emerging mail issues ahead of time to resolve them before receiving an unhappy call from a user, or worse, a company executive.

By using a third party monitoring tool, you can easily configure your mail system to monitor SLA times and retry intervals. This type of tool can generate alerts that help you easily understand statistics and take action on mail flows, SLA’s, forecasting, routing and trend reports.

For more information, you can read the Case Study here.

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