Import Hammer of God Country IP Address Computer Sets Into ISA Enterprise Policies

I’ve talked about them before, but they’re worth mentioning again — the Hammer of God Country IP address computer sets. Thor, the primary perpetrator of Hammer of God, put together an entire collection of Computer Sets that you can use with your ISA firewalls to allow or block connections from entire countries. You can imagine how useful these can be, since if your company has no interest in doing business with a particular company, you can block all connections from that country to your SMTP servers, Web servers, even DNS servers. These sets, when used correctly, can make your organization invisible to entire countries. Nice!

However, there is a problem. These Computer Sets were created using ISA 2006 SE. If you want to directly import them into ISA 2006 EE, you’re going to have a problem (and let’s not even get into if they work with TMG, since we don’t know if the TMG xml schema has been finalized yet). However, there is a trick that you can use to alter the xml file a bit and get them imported into ISA 2006 EE.

But what if you want to import those Computer Sets into an Enterprise Computer Set instead of an Array Computer Set?  Common Sense would tell you that if the trick that allows you to import the set into the Array configuration works, it should also allow you to import it into the Enterprise configuration. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. Well, then you should be able to export from the Array Computer Set you created and import that into your Enterprise configuration. Nope, that won’t work either.

Are you stuck? Maybe in the past you would have been. But my friend, Richard Hicks, (who works for the great company, Celestix) has come to our rescue! Richard has put together a nice blog post on how you can get Thor’s Computer Sets imported into the Enterprise configuration on your ISA firewall array.

Check it out at:



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