Impose Network Connection Restrictions

You can control access to some LAN, RAS and other network connection features and properties via registry hacks. Set the DWORD of the values you choose to 0 (zero) in order to enable the restriction, while leaving it blank or deleting it to remove the restriction.


Key: Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Network Connections

Value Names:

  • NC_AddRemoveComponents – Restrict add and remove network components
  • NC_AdvancedSettings – Restrict changes to Advanced Settings
  • NC_AllowAdvancedTCPIPConfig – Restrict changes to advanced TCPIP configuration
  • NC_ChangeBindState – Restrict changes to protocol and service bindings
  • NC_DeleteAllUserConnection – Restrict deletion of public RAS connections
  • NC_DeleteConnection – Restrict deletion of RAS connections
  • NC_DialupPrefs – Restrict changes to the Dial-up Preferences
  • NC_EnableAdminProhibits – Enable Windows 2000 network connections for administrators
  • NC_LanChangeProperties – Restrict access to component properties of a LAN connection
  • NC_LanConnect – Restrict connecting and disconnecting a LAN connection
  • NC_LanProperties – Restrict access to properties of a LAN connection
  • NC_NewConnectionWizard – Disable the Network Connection wizard
  • NC_RasAllUserProperties – Restrict access to properties of public RAS connections
  • NC_RasChangeProperties – Restrict access to properties of a RAS connection
  • NC_RasConnect – Restrict connecting and disconnecting a RAS connection
  • NC_RasMyProperties – Restrict access to private RAS connection properties
  • NC_RenameAllUserRasConnection – Restrict renaming of public RAS connections
  • NC_RenameConnection – Restrict renaming of connections
  • NC_RenameLanConnection – Restrict renaming of LAN connections
  • NC_RenameMyRasConnection – Restrict renaming of private RAS connections
  • NC_Statistics – Disable status statistics for an active connection

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