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images (1)In today’s global, mobile, and social business environment, success depends on people making connections and building relationships to improve workforce productivity. Instant messaging is one of the earliest created network-based collaboration tools and still stands as the basis for all of the others.

For those reasons, IBM Sametime 9 will be at the heart of many discussions next week in Orlando at the IBM ConnectEd Conference. It is one of the key pillars of collaboration strategy in an IBM environment and we, at GSX Solutions, see the increasing interest of our customers for this product.

GSX Solutions is recognized as the best of breed solution providing strong monitoring and reporting offer for IBM applications, including Domino, Traveler, Sametime and Quickr.

Next week at the conference, GSX Solutions will present in exclusivity to the IBM Community a preview of its upcoming version with new capabilities for Sametime 9. GSX Monitor & Analyzer for IBM Sametime 9 is already ensuring that main Sametime services like chat and online meetings function at their peak. In the upcoming version, to be available by mid-February, GSX will provide monitoring for audio and video calls, one of the most critical features of Sametime 9.

With this new version, GSX will provide a complete solution to constantly know what is happening on Sametime 9 services and alerts if any of the critical part of the Sametime environment is at risk, preventing end user service interruption.  

GSX Solutions and IBM have been partnered for 19 years, and since then we have attended Lotusphere, that transformed into IBM Connect, that is now transformed into IBM ConnectED. The name changes and the show itself is changing. With IT strategic sessions designed for CEO and Analyst but also pure technological content and lab, the event will definitely give GSX Solutions the best resources and best networking opportunity to start a good 2015 year.

We also love to attend this conference to meet our friends, customers and partners there. No doubt that the new version of GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Sametime 9 will interest them, and anyone that think that Sametime is becoming one of the most important tool to communicate within the company.

Stop by our booth B20 to say hi, and be among the first to find out more about this exciting new version.

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