Thank ‘job killer’ AI for these in-demand IT positions

Artificial intelligence is expected to disrupt the status quo and render many jobs obsolete over the coming years. Although many welcome this technological advancement, there is an underlying fear of job security. A report released by PwC last month indicates that although such concerns have merit, they are possibly being blown out of proportion. The AI industry is expected to create just as many jobs as it displaces. The effect of the introduction of AI technology will vary across industries. If you are in the information technology sector, buckle up because the future is exciting — and get ready to feast on these already in-demand IT positions.

Big numbers

According to the PwC report, AI and related technologies will eliminate up to 7 million jobs in the UK in 20 years. However, the AI sector is expected to create 7.2 million jobs over the same period.

The report noted that the health and social sector would benefit the most from the rise of AI with the creation of 34 percent more jobs, while only 12 percent of existing jobs will be lost. On the other hand, the manufacturing sector will record the most losses with about 30 percent of existing jobs going obsolete, and just 5 percent more jobs created.

The effect of AI on the information and communication industry will be somewhat positive. About 18 percent of current jobs are expected to become obsolete, while 27 percent more jobs will be created. With the next “industrial revolution” fast approaching, this is the best time to start training and sharpening your skills to get one of these in-demand IT positions in the AI sector.

In the next few years, the demand for tech professionals in AI will skyrocket as companies and individuals seek experts to help them harness technology. With that said, working toward getting a job in the AI sector should begin with an analysis of your skills and interests. There are many jobs in AI that you may be interested in.

6 most in-demand IT positions in artificial intelligence

Machine learning engineer

A machine learning engineer is an advanced software developer. This job involves developing complex programs using predictive models. The goal of the machine learning engineer is to create programs that can learn and apply that knowledge in required situations without specific instructions.

Machine learning is a crucial part of AI and is already changing our lives. Machine learning engineers are needed to create most AI systems — from virtual personal assistants to self-driven cars, search engines, and more. If you are interested in becoming a machine learning engineer, you need to have excellent programming skills as well as a background in mathematics, and cloud technology.

Data scientist

A data scientist is responsible for collecting vast amounts of data and analyzing it using AI technology to gain insight and predict trends. In the future, data scientists are expected to play a role in fueling the growth of companies — particularly those that depend on data to make important decisions.

To put it plainly, a data scientist is a problem solver. This job involves transforming raw data into actionable information. To be a data scientist, you need to be good at statistical programming as well as handling Big Data and machine learning.

Business intelligence developer

In-demand IT positions

A business intelligence developer is similar to a data scientist in the sense that both jobs involve analyzing complex data. A business intelligence developer is specifically responsible for combing through data from multiple sources to highlight trends and opportunities.

This role involves developing business intelligence solutions with AI technology to save a company time and money. To be a business intelligence developer, you need to have a background in data analysis as well as communication.

Research scientist

A research scientist is an expert in machine learning and other artificial intelligence-related disciplines. This job involves using deep learning, graphical models, and other AI tools to solve problems.

An ideal research scientist is a person who has a knack for gathering intelligence and using technology to improve performance. To be a research scientist, you must have a background in AI and programming as well as solving analytical problems. You also need excellent communication skills.

Robotic scientist

in-demand IT positions

The goal of a robotic scientist is to make work safer and more efficient. To be a robotic scientist, you need to have a background in mechanical engineering. Also, you need to have excellent mathematical and programming skills.

Computer vision engineer

This is one of the most in-demand IT positions today. A computer vision engineer is responsible for creating software and algorithms to improve the maneuverability of robots and the automation of vehicles.

Computer vision engineers use machine learning, image processing, and other tools to perform their job. To be a computer vision engineer, you need advanced mathematical skills as well as a background in mechanical engineering and computer science.

These are just some of the fields that are open to you if you have a background in IT and you are looking to get a job related to AI. There are many free and affordable online platforms like Udacity and Coursera where you can study for some of the roles highlighted above.

Sticking points

Despite the conventional “wisdom,” it is evident that the advent of AI will not claim all our jobs. Instead, it will open new fields. No doubt it will eliminate some jobs, but it will open new frontiers for different industries to transition into, as we can already see by the six in-demand IT positions discussed above.

To reduce the effect of the development of AI technology on society, PwC urged governments to invest in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics). America is certainly not doing this enough. The organization also tasked governments with ensuring that workers continually update their skills to adapt to the changing times.

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